ASD Ladies' Recreational Soccer

ASD runs a 25+ Ladies' soccer league.

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The Aurora Youth Soccer Club offers a variety of leagues at the Dome from October 1 to April 30 every season.  Click on the link to their website below for information on indoor and outdoor programs and how to register.


Aurora Sports Dome offers Lacrosse Leagues with weekly practices, games, and tournaments in coordination 

with the local outdoor leagues.  


Also visit Aurora Master Lacrosse:

Other Sports

Aurora Sports Dome has the capability to accommodate games, practices, and tournaments from multiple sporting leagues, including Ultimate Frisbee, Baseball, Football, Jiu Jitsu, and more!


Join an existing league, or create your own!  


The Aurora Sports Dome is an excellent facility, capable of accommodating hundreds of people and spectators for your next tournament.  Whatever your field sport or level of play, the Aurora Sports Dome is the perfect venue to showcase your club's talents.  


We have hosted a variety of different styled tournaments in the past, and continue to find new and exciting ways to utilize our facility.


Contact the dome today for more information about hosting your next tournament at Aurora Sports Dome.

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